June 4 & June 5, 2016

(406) 652-8100

2016 Montana Renaissance Festival

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Saturday & Sunday, June 4 & 5

at ZooMontana


To all Folk of the Shire and it’s surrounding boroughs – a hearty Huzzah! We had a record year and with everyone’s continued participation, we have no where to go but up! To all our returning performers and vendors – thank you so much! King James, Queen Kelly, Aargh the troll, Morjhana (the unofficial mayor of Billingshire), Montana Mystics, Susan (our fairy Queen), SCA-ers, Amtgarders, all our wonderful demonstrators, musicians, dancers, and our behind the scenes workers who each year become more and more of a finely oiled machine (Trent, Brady, Hannah, Squire Logan). I really couldn’t do it without you! The Incredible Order of Epona, our newest family members – AlternaCirque and Butte Magic and The Ranger – grammercy! Special thanks to all the folk of the Royal Beastiary, especially Lady Lea Ann, Lord Jeffrey, and Lady Amanda and their wonderful volunteers! A BIG, BIG, thank you to our sponsors: Polar Ice, Locomotive Inn, and Miller’s Horse Palace, and to our incredible sound/stage crew that takes care of us every year, DiA Events!

To anyone I didn’t mention, the Humble One is old and his wits are sun baked, but you are all greatly appreciated!

Onward to Season Five!

Welcome,  Lords and Ladies, to the Montana Renaissance Festival !  Step back to a time when romance and chivalry abound. Enter a magical world where Knights, Lords, Ladies, and Fairies play,  a time where people took pride in their craft and trade. Come thee hence and explore the Renaissance Festival!

The largest event of its kind in this area,the Montana Renaissance Festival  is a time to revel in the atmosphere of a 16th Century European Country Festival. Explore the bustling market place. Mingle and interact with costumed characters and enjoy their endless merriment and mayhem. 

The Festival will host the Knights of Epona in full contact armored jousting tournaments! Watch gallant Knights defend their honor until the last man is left standing!  Cheer your favorite Knight to victory as he competes for his Ladies honor in this thrilling full armored Joust.

Renew your vows or be joined in matrimony by Lady Wendy in our beautiful Sensory Gardens with the King and Queen presiding!

The lanes are bustling with story tellers, musicians, singers, dancers, and villagers welcoming you to a festive day of living history. The air is filled with the scents and smells of foods from the Renaissance period. Feast like Royalty on juicy roasted turkey legs, royal Scottish eggs, steak on a stake, and more! Visit one of our pubs and quench thy thirst with a flagon of ale or a goblet of the King’s own mead!

Sit back and enjoy belly dancers, sword swallowers, aerial acrobats, and other performers on three separate stages! On the main stage and throughout Billingshire there are bards,jesters, sword fighters, wizards, poets and those who will provide merriment for all ages! The royal beastiary will be open so be sure to visit all the beasts of the kingdom!

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