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2021 Performance Schedule


9:30 Both Days -At the Front Gate! The Black Gypsy Drummers!………..and who knows who (or what!) else!



Kings’ Stage

Bard’s Stage



Pirate’s Cove

10 am Open King’s Bard  Open
11 am Butte Magic Earthshine
Alterna Cirque    Chaste Treasures
1 pm
Timeless Magic
Barbarian Raid!    
2 pm
Chaste Treasure – for mature audiences!
Tesseract Dance Collective Maypole Man
   Gypsy Drummers
3 pm Open Butte Magic  Czestekov Sideshow
4 pm Maypole Man The King’s Bard Alterna Cirque    The  Queen’s soldiers vs. the Scurvy Dogs!
5 pm Open Timeless Magic Chaste Treasure – for mature audiences!    



Kings’ Stage

Bard’s Stage


Pirate’s Cove

10 am Open
The King’s Bard Open
11 am Timeless Magic
Butte Magic Chaste Treasure – for mature audiences!  
1 pm Open
Earthshine Barbarian Raid! Chaste Treasures
2 pm
Tesseract Dance Collective
Maypole Man
Alterna Cirque Gypsy Drummers
3 pm Chaste Treasure – for mature audiences! Butte Magic Alterna Cirque
 Czestekov Sideshow


New This Year!



Check out the Pirate’s Cove, under the Eagle Bridge.  Consort with Pirate Queen Captain Courtney and her Scurvy Dogs! Have a flagon of grog at the Mermaid’s Curse! Thrill to the tantalizing movements of Kat and Zuul! Make a curse at the Cursing Well! Purchase a treasure map and you may be the one to find Czestekov’s Buried Booty! Sing along with Chaste Treasure, who give the term “Booty” a whole other meaning!

Purchase a map from one of our Pirates for a chance to find The Pirates’ Treasure Chest – Over $300 in Festival Merchandise!



Our Family of Performers!


Aerial Artists second to none!



Also returning this year,  the Montana Morris Dancers!


Morris Dancer




….and watch for Lady Arwest o’ Heath, wandering ministerial




New this Year!



MayPole Man/The Pens of Will’s Sonnets/Rounds by Robyn












We are pleased to announce that The Order of Epona jousting crew will be returning to the faire this year!  Check them out on Facebook!






There shalt be various & sundry performers to greet thee throughout the day at the entrance. Watch for  The Black Gypsies, Lord Albion, Frostylocks,  and more!

Interesting in performing?  Contact Ken Haak (Kenneth the Humble) at 406.281.5129 or haakk@billingsschools.org


Back by Popular Demand!

Chaste Treasure

Definitely a treasure, but questionably chaste, Chaste Treasure will delight your senses through song, with, tight harmonies, and a lot of double entendre.



…and returning for your entertainment:


Frostylocks – Royal Jongleur, Fae Minstrel & Bard of the People and returning for 2021, Splinter, the Fae!






musecomedia@gmail.com    www.earthshinemontana.com





Fairy Queen Rose Fairies for Nature

Fairy Queen Rose
Fairies for Nature

Kate Anton

Fae Entrepeneure/Faerie Queen




Black Gypsies Belly Dancers







Butte Magic – and visit Xenobiological Bestiary of the Abnormal!

ren faire1 - sword swallower

Butte Magic – Sword Swallowing! – Butte Magic <buttemagic@gmail.com>



  Tesseract Dance Collective –  formerly Spiral Skies Bellydance


Joining us this year: Wandering Classical Guitarist -Minstrel Adam

Adam Milligan amilligan74@gmail.com

Kings Bard

        The King’s Bard

Accapellist Extraordinaire

jeffrey ford (geoffrey40@live.com)

Sir Geoffrey



Czestekov  Sideshow – Watch for Kat and Zuul!


             The Village Wizard



                                                                                     Bending Reality to see the Impossible become Possible…
I will attempt to take you back in time to when your imagination
 was free from external influences that told you to quit daydreaming.






                      Timeless Magic/Jones Family Magic









These fine artists & craftsmen will be demonstrating their skills throughout the day at their shoppes:

 Sir Jim Rennie – The Shire Smitty

 Potters Guild and Art Students’ League

Heritage Chainmaille (formerly The Maille Men)

Her Ladies Handspinners

Yellowstone Sword Club

Czestekov  Sideshow

Art & Alchemy Glass Blowing

Gilbert Forge


SCA ren

  SCA heading off for pillage