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The world is facing so much uncertainty but we are still planning for the Montana Renaissance Festival to happen as scheduled, Labor Day weekend of 2021.  We are accepting applications for vendors  but we will be holding your payments until July 10 or possibly the 30th as we want to be certain the event is a go. It would be easier to return them than do a refund. For those who have paid, if the event is postponed or canceled, we will offer full refunds or the opportunity to make a donation to the Zoo as this is a major source of revenue. 

For the 2021 season this will be a work in progress! We will be updating this page throughout the next few months.


In the King’s Pavilion

Hidden Legends Mead – Mead/Drinking Horns – Visit the Mead Castle!  – www.hiddenlegendwinery.com 



Red Lodge Tavern of Ales-Near the Bard’s Stage and in the Shire- Fine micro brews and cider – amanda@redlodgeales.com

The King’s Pickle – Cold , crisp, and green! – Traveling Pickle Salesman – Richard Clarke (That’s Clark with an E)

Burnin’ the Bone – Bar-B-Que!- burninthebone@gmail.com – Brock Ninker

Raven’s Cafe – Turkey Legs! – dlyle431@gmail.com

Village Kettle Corn – Mark & Myra Smith – villagekettlecorn@gmail.com

The Queen’s Crepes! – Crepe Diem – letsmakesomecrepes@gmail.com

Z’s Kitchen – Mark Martello – From the fabled isle of Greece!- Gyros. Falafel, Calamari! – MarkMartello@gmail.com

I’m Cravin Bar-B-Que – Pulled Pork! Barbecued Brisket! – imcravinbbq@gmail.com

Oktoberfest German Restaurant – Pretzels! Schnitzels! Giant Pork Shanks! – ocktoberfestmt@charter.net

Mountain Fresh Italian Ice – dejafoodla@aol.com – Derek Ivester

Lady Sue’s Baked Goods & Sweets -Susanne Becker – Renaissance Breads, Pies, and Sweets!

Summer Snow – elh30@aol.com – Flavored Snow!

Lord Baskins & Lady Robbins – ice cream – theweavers@bresnan.net

Singing Mountain – Pie, Pasties, Zucchini Relish, Jam & Granola!! – Cheryl Stewart – srastewart@gmail.com

Medieval Lemonade and Mead Drinks – Dennis E. Reno – Lemonade and Fruit Drinks

In the Shire

Ye Ol’ Meat Shoppe : Brisket, Sausage, More! – Darren Johnson, Don Jones

Celtic Cettle Corn – Fresh Kettle Corn – Darren Johnson

Last Chance Pub – From the people that brought you the Ales of the Red Lodge!- Fine Micro Brews & Cider

In the Kid’s Kingdom

Dogs & Dragons- food to sate the urchins’ taste!



In the Shire:

Swirling Gypsy Henna – SwirlingGypsyHenna@yahoo.com -Henna Body Art and related items, Jewelry

Xenobiological Bestiary of the Abnormal! -buttemagic@gmail.com- Creatures –  weird & wondrous!

Smoothgrass  –  406-962-9824 – Micah Snodgrass – The Shire’s Tanner

Caricatures by Sir Michael – Michael Johnson – creativelightwellness4@gmail.com

 Potters’Guild – Fred Muller- fmuller@bresnan.net

Finishing Touch Mad Hatter- Abbey Locke – charleesmom2012@gmail.com – Headwear most wondrous!


Wood-N-Treasure – ruthsmith5571@gmail.com – Treasure chests, Wooden mugs, Beaded dragons!

Lady Ruth & Lord Erik of Wood-N-Treasure

Blue Fairy Treasures – Alicia Johnson – firescout-99@yahoo.com – Costuming, jewelry, bellydance, children’s toys


New! for 2020

Ox Ax Throwing




In the Kid’s Kingdom:

SCRaP – Do it yourself Medieval Crafts – In the Children’s Area – Tammy Zemliska- Tammy@Scrapinbillings.com

Wild Style Design Company- Children’s face painting and glitter tattoos – In the Children’s Area – knbooras@yahoo.com

Mud Pie Pottery – In the  Kids’ Area – Kate Bertin – Painting bisque for the urchins and Maybe Fairy doors!

In the Children’s Area – Party Ponies! – Get you picture taken with a Unicorn! – UnicornPartyPonies@outlook.comTerra Ott



In the King’s Pavilion:

Northman’s Harvest – harrellkn@gmail.com – Kevin & Courtney – Bones, Jewelry, Furs


Faeries for Nature – Handcrafted jewelry, tiaras, baubles – http://www.faeriequeenrose.com/


                              Tesseract Dance Collective  -formerly Spiral Skies Bellydance-      Hand Painted Shade Parasols  -Tessa Thompson  –  info@tesseractdancecollective.com  



                                                       Todd Kintz of Silent Armoury

Silent Armoury – Chain Maille – silentarmoury@hotmail.com


Creative Magnetic Artists – traceyr@rssmt.com

Creative Magnetic Artists

Creative Magnetic Artists






Margo Land & Kyla Proffit – “Ye Olde Belly Dance Shoppe”- Belly Dance Costuming and Wire Wrapped Jewelry -skeetz2869@msn.com




Dragon & Gargoyle – Draconic243@gmail.com – Pagan Wears, Wooden Swords, Jewelry

Dragon & Gargoyle

The Crafty Wizard – Leann Pipinich – thecraftywizaed@outlook.com- Mugs, dragons, Vikings, castles, and more! Made in Montana ceramic/clay/pottery items.




Wycked Gypsy Design – xenagypsydancer@msn.com – Carol Kahler- Pirate pants, garters, gauntlets – more!


Dragoneers – Nita Coleman – Dragon Motiffed Candles, Jewelry,Geodes, and More!

Fe Brann Creations – Bobbi Jo Walla,William Walla and Brandee Myers – wallabee77@hotmail.com – Celtic/Norse inspired wood art, jewelry, cloth art, etc.



Gutenberg’s Scribal Corner – in the King’s Pavilion

Tahani Nelson/The Last Faoii  –   Book Signings,Calligraphy Demonstrations – tahani.nelson@gmail.com


Scribe Extrodinaire – K.J.Backer / Nav’Aria : The Marked Heir – kjbacker.com


Mike Thayer – Passage to Avalon; The Uncharted Landsthaydawg@gmail.com



Lisa Richard – Author of Works of Epic Fantasy! – valkrie29@hotmail.com

Real Elvish – Elvish Textbooks : “A Fan’s Guide to Neo-Sindarin” & “Write English with Tengwar” , Tenguar name tags – Fiona Jallings – dreamingfifi@gmail.com



Lady Rebecca’s Scriptorium – Handmade books and journals- Demonstrations and personalized gifts in Medieval Style Calligraphy – beckiebo@gmail.com

Scribess Vicki B. Williamson – Fantasy Novels – vjbwilliamson@hotmail.com

Heartstar Creations – Travis Lee – YA Fantasy Books – travislee.heartstar@gmail.com



More Vendors Most Awesome

R & R Salon-Unique Boutique- Hats and Jewelry


Sage Brush Wood Crafts – Evan Fritz – sagebrushwoodcrafts@gmail.com –  https://www.etsy.com/shop/sagebrushwoodcrafts


Epic Chest – wooden mugs,small carpentry, and wood burned art! – Jaxson Scott – ContactEpicChest@gmail.com





Heritage Chainmail (formerly The Maille Men) – Brian Jones/Jason Kaiser- illusarts@gmail.com


With Love Handmade Knits – beccabeccac@hotmail.com – Rebecca Langman

Willow Way – rightmaildj@yahoo.com – Aura portraits & Intuitive readings

Lion & Wyvern Creations – Medieval/High Fantasy/D&D themed trinkets and jewelry, assorted Flower crowns – Katherine Mansfield- purple.animemanga.dragon@gmail.com

Hair Bobs & Baubles – vmaescott@yahoo.com – melissa@esmiths.net – Hair Braids & Accessories – Free Hair Braid with Flower Wreath purchase

The Dancing Star  – Aimee Haran – Tangent575@yahoo.com – Crystals, Stones, Amulets, Glass art, and much more!


The Sophisticated Raven Handmade Headwear-(formerly Fair Maiden Tiaras)- hand made tiaras, wands – Janna Rozett – jannakransky@gmail.com

Jannas roving tiaras ren faire


Silverstorm Creations – weapons, armour, a little bit of everything medieval! – silverstormcreations@earthlink.net

Crimson Chain Leatherworks – leather garments and accessories – Virgil L.Jones the Second- crimsonchainleatherworks@gmail.com

Beaded Snowflake – Kellie Hurth – beaded designs – kelliech@yahoo.com


Rockin’7 Pottery – Wayne Small & Tana Pattery – 100% Hand dug Montana clay! – waynersmall@gmail.com  &  tananmontana@hotmail.com – And Face Painting by Emma Maurisak








Watch for the traveling Tangled Up in Tye Dye cart – Matt & Beth Schatzke – bethany.schatzke@gmail.com



Geek Emporium – Jennie Nielson & Jamie Offatt – Medieval Jewelry, Hair Pins, Hand Crafted Dice Bags, Beads & Accessories- jennieleeNielson@yahoo.com


Raven Blacksmith & Leather Rose – Hand forged iron items and tooled leather items  –  Ann Zabel & Beth Agnew (Yes, the Mayor of Billingshire!)

Festival Banners for Rent/Sale








Bangert’s Baubles – Awesome Dragon Eye Pendants, other hand painted items – jbangert9@gmail.com


Home Maidens Bathhouse – homemaidens@mail.com – Everything your family needs for the ultimate bath experience!

Fame and Fortune Leather – Jesse Grabawski – Armor, accessories, costumes, larp-fameandfortuneartisians@yahoo.com

Museum Replica Jewelry Shoppe – Irish, Celtic, Scottish, and Renaissance design jewelry – museumreplicajewelry@yahoo.com


Handlaget Gaver and Dansie Glass

Live glassblowing demonstrations!


“Handlaget Gaver Klaner Cosby & Shelton” Handmade Gifts by Clans Cosby & Shelton Katie Cosby https://www.facebook.com

Daughters of Njord – elementtatoo@gmail.com – Custom Baubles with a Viking Theme, Rune castings

Ky Kreations – Anna’s Henna Tattoo – Kyla Proffitt – skeetz2869@msn.com  – One of a kind wire wrapped jewelry – Henna Art body tattoos

Wolf Den Emporium – Keith & Gabby Smith-Custom leather goods & Renaissance clothing – wolfdenleather@gmail.com

Dancing Bear Designs – Chris Klein – cjklein124@gmail.com

Trinkets and Treasures – Carley Shandy – alien_in_your_sock_drawer@hotmail.com –  Plush dragons, unicorns, jewelry, handcrafts

Kaliedasoaps – Paul Bohler – Homemade Bath Soaps and oils

Creative Chaos – Wizard Staffs! Mythical Familiars! Scalemaille- and more! – Darcy Tobin and Friends – thegallantgoldfish@gmail.com

                                   Jmac’s Pottery – sales@jmacspottery.com – (406) 996-1279                                                                  

The Cloak Drummer Co. – Period clothes, hats, leather, misc. small period items – Beverly Flitcroft – cloakdrummer@yahoo.com

Serenity’s Moon & Bella Luna – ldybassplayer@yahoo.com – Renaissance Clothing

Owlery Wand Shoppe

Premium Wands For Witches and Wizards
Hand carved wood powered by Owls and
each with its own name.
Wand bags,wand stands and holsters
 Starting at just $10
Lord Forrest LaBelle





Lilla Rose – Celtic Style Hair Clips – Dana Ticknor – Ticknortribe@msn.com

Sticks & Stones -Theo Kellison & Alexis Tedder – lexitedder@gmail.com

Theo Kellison


Keep posted for further additions.