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For the 2020 season this will be a work in progress! We will be updating this page throughout the next few months.


In the King’s Pavilion

Hidden Legends Mead – Mead/Drinking Horns – Visit the Mead Castle!  – www.hiddenlegendwinery.com 



City Vineyards – Beer & Wine in cups, goblets, and horns! – philb@cityvineyardwine.com – Near the King’s Stage

Red Lodge Tavern of Ales-Near the Bard’s Stage- Fine micro brews and cider – amanda@redlodgeales.com

The King’s Pickle – Cold , crisp, and green! – Traveling Pickle Salesman – Richard Clarke (That’s Clark with an E)

Burnin’the Bone – Bar-B-Que!- burninthebone@gmail.com – Brock Ninker

Raven’s Cafe – Turkey Legs! – dlyle431@gmail.com

Village Kettle Corn – Mark & Myra Smith – villagekettlecorn@gmail.com

The Queen’s Crepes! – Crepe Diem – letsmakesomecrepes@gmail.com


I’m Cravin Bar-B-Que – Pulled Pork! Barbequed Brisket! – imcravinbbq@gmail.com

Oktoberfest German Restaurant – Pretzels! Schnitzels! Giant Pork Shanks! – ocktoberfestmt@charter.net

Mountain Fresh Ice – dejafoodla@aol.com – Derek Ivester

Lady Sue’s Baked Goods & Sweets -Susanne Becker – Renaissance Breads, Pies, and Sweets!

Ye Ol’ Meat Shoppe : Brisket, Sausage, More!  – in the Shire – Darren Johnson, Don Jones

Celtic Cettle Corn – Fresh Kettle Corn – In the

                                                                 Shire- Darren Johnson

Summer Snow – elh30@aol.com – Flavored Snow!

Lord Baskins & Lady Robbins – ice cream – theweavers@bresnan.net

Singing Mountain – Pie, Pasties, Zucchini Relish, Jam & Granola!! – Cheryl Stewart – srastewart@gmail.com

Lady Langenburg Water & Facial Sprays – CJ Hurtig – hurtig@q.com

Medieval Lemonade and Mead Drinks – Dennis E. Reno – Lemonade and Fruit Drinks

In the Shire

Ye Ol’ Meat Shoppe : Brisket, Sausage, More! – Darren Johnson, Don Jones

Celtic Cettle Corn – Fresh Kettle Corn – Darren Johnson

Valhalla Pub – Libations fit for a Lord and Lady, or a Barbarian! – Meet the Royal Pains, Barkeeps Extraordinaire!

In the Kid’s Kingdom

Dogs & Dragons- food to sate the urchins’ taste!



In the Shire:

Swirling Gypsy Henna – SwirlingGypsyHenna@yahoo.com -Henna Body Art and related items, Jewelry

Xenobiological Bestiary of the Abnormal! -buttemagic@gmail.com- Creatures –  weird & wondrous!

Smoothgrass  –  406-962-9824 – Micah Snodgrass – The Shire’s Tanner

Caricatures by Sir Michael – Michael Johnson – creativelightwellness4@gmail.com

 Potters’Guild – Fred Muller- fmuller@bresnan.net

Finishing Touch Mad Hatter- Abbey Locke – charleesmom2012@gmail.com – Headwear most wondrous!


Wood-N-Treasure – ruthsmith5571@gmail.com – Treasure chests, Wooden mugs, Beaded dragons!

Lady Ruth & Lord Erik of Wood-N-Treasure

Blue Fairy Treasures – Alicia Johnson – firescout-99@yahoo.com – Costuming, jewelry, bellydance, children’s toys



In the Kid’s Kingdom:

SCRaP – Do it yourself Medieval Crafts – In the Children’s Area – Tammy Zemliska- Tammy@Scrapinbillings.com

Wild Style Design Company- Children’s face painting and glitter tattoos – In the Children’s Area – knbooras@yahoo.com

Mud Pie Pottery – In the  Kids’ Area – Kate Bertin – Painting bisque for the urchins and Maybe Fairy doors!

In the Children’s Area – Party Ponies! – Get you picture taken with a Unicorn! – UnicornPartyPonies@outlook.comTerra Ott



In the King’s Pavilion:

Northman’s Harvest – harrellkn@gmail.com – Kevin & Courtney – Bones, Jewelry, Furs

Faeries for Nature – Handcrafted jewelry, tiaras, baubles – http://www.faeriequeenrose.com/

                              Tesseract Dance Collective  -formerly Spiral Skies Bellydance-      Hand Painted Shade Parasols  -Tessa Thompson  –  info@tesseractdancecollective.com  


Todd Kintz of Silent Armoury


Fairy Queen Rose Faeries for Nature

Faerie Queen Rose
Faeries for Nature


Silent Armoury – Chain Maille – silentarmoury@hotmail.com

Creative Magnetic Artists – traceyr@rssmt.com

Creative Magnetic Artists

Creative Magnetic Artists

Margo Land & Kyla Proffit – “Ye Olde Belly Dance Shoppe”- Belly Dance Costuming and Wire Wrapped Jewelry -skeetz2869@msn.com



Dragon & Gargoyle – Draconic243@gmail.com – Pagan Wears, Wooden Swords, Jewelry

Dragon & Gargoyle

The Crafty Wizard – Leann Pipinich – thecraftywizaed@outlook.com- Mugs, dragons, Vikings, castles, and more! Made in Montana ceramic/clay/pottery items.




Wycked Gypsy Design – xenagypsydancer@msn.com – Carol Kahler- Pirate pants, garters, gauntlets – more!

Czestekov Side Show -Kat Clappkatnclapp67@gmail.com-Silver Metalworks, and  – check out the oddities display!

Dipped in Indigo – Handmade Leather Masks – FeliciaTost – zleyna628@gmail.com

Dragoneers – Nita Coleman – Dragon Motiffed Candles, Jewelry,Geodes, and More!

Fe Brann Creations – Bobbi Jo Walla,William Walla and Brandee Myers – wallabee77@hotmail.com – Celtic/Norse inspired wood art, jewelry, cloth art, etc.



Gutenberg’s Scribal Corner – in the King’s Pavilion

Tahani Nelson/The Last Faoii  –   Book Signings,Calligraphy Demonstrations – tahani.nelson@gmail.com


Scribe Extrodinaire – K.J.Backer / Nav’Aria : The Marked Heir – kjbacker.com


Mike Thayer – Passage to Avalon; The Uncharted Landsthaydawg@gmail.com



Lisa Richard – Author of Works of Epic Fantasy! – valkrie29@hotmail.com

Lady Rebecca’s Scriptorium – Handmade books and journals- Demonstrations and personalized gifts in Medieval Style Calligraphy – beckiebo@gmail.com

Heartstar Creations – Travis Lee – YA Fantasy Books – travislee.heartstar@gmail.com

Usborne Books & More – Chandra Brown – chandrasbooknook@gmail.com – Children’s Books



More Vendors Most Awesome

R & R Salon-Unique Boutique- Hats and Jewelry

Sage Brush Wood Crafts – Evan Fritz – sagebrushwoodcrafts@gmail.com –  https://www.etsy.com/shop/sagebrushwoodcrafts

Heritage Chainmail (formerly The Maille Men) – Brian Jones/Jason Kaiser- illusarts@gmail.com


With Love Handmade Knits – beccabeccac@hotmail.com – Rebecca Langman

Willow Way – rightmaildj@yahoo.com – Aura portraits & Intuitive readings

Lion & Wyvern Creations – Medieval/High Fantasy/D&D themed trinkets and jewelry, assorted Flower crowns – Katherine Mansfield- purple.animemanga.dragon@gmail.com

Hair Bobs & Baubles – vmaescott@yahoo.com – melissa@esmiths.net – Hair Braids & Accessories – Free Hair Braid with Flower Wreath purchase

The Dancing Star  – Aimee Haran – Tangent575@yahoo.com – Crystals, Stones, Amulets, Glass art, and much more!

Fair Maiden Tiaras- hand made tiaras, wands – Janna Rozett – jannakransky@gmail.com

Jannas roving tiaras ren faire


Silverstorm Creations – weapons, armour, a little bit of everything medieval! – silverstormcreations@earthlink.net

Crimson Chain Leatherworks – leather garments and accessories – Virgil L.Jones the Second- crimsonchainleatherworks@gmail.com

Beaded Snowflake – Kellie Hurth – beaded designs – kelliech@yahoo.com

Rockin’7 Pottery – Wayne Small & Tana Pattery – 100% Hand dug Montana clay! – waynersmall@gmail.com  &  tananmontana@hotmail.com – And Face Painting by Emma Maurisak










Dragon’s Lair Pewter -Kimi Hawkins-Fine hand made pewter ware


Geek Emporium – Jennie Nielson & Jamie Offatt – Medieval Jewelry, Hair Pins, Hand Crafted Dice Bags, Beads & Accessories- jennieleeNielson@yahoo.com


Raven Blacksmith & Leather Rose – Hand forged iron items and tooled leather items  –  Ann Zabel & Beth Agnew (Yes, the Mayor of Billingshire!)

Festival Banners for Rent/Sale








Bangert’s Baubles – Awesome Dragon Eye Pendants, other hand painted items – jbangert9@gmail.com


Home Maidens Bathhouse – homemaidens@mail.com – Everything your family needs for the ultimate bath experience!

Fame and Fortune Leather – Jesse Grabawski – Armor, accessories, costumes, larp-fameandfortuneartisians@yahoo.com

Museum Replica Jewelry Shoppe – Irish, Celtic, Scottish, and Renaissance design jewelry – museumreplicajewelry@yahoo.com


Handlaget Gaver and Dansie Glass

Live glassblowing demonstrations!


“ Handlaget Gaver Klaner Cosby & Shelton” Handmade Gifts by Clans Cosby & Shelton Katie Cosby https://www.facebook.com


Daughters of Njord – elementtatoo@gmail.com – Custom Baubles with a Viking Theme, Rune castings

Ky Kreations – Anna’s Henna Tattoo – Kyla Proffitt – skeetz2869@msn.com  – One of a kind wire wrapped jewelry – Henna Art body tattoos

Wolf Den Emporium – Keith & Gabby Smith-Custom leather goods & Renaissance clothing – wolfdenleather@gmail.com

Dancing Bear Designs – Chris Klein – cjklein124@gmail.com

Trinkets and Treasures – Carley Shandy – alien_in_your_sock_drawer@hotmail.com –  Plush dragons, unicorns, jewelry, handcrafts


Kaliedasoaps – Paul Bohler – Homemade Bath Soaps and oils


                                   Jmac’s Pottery – sales@jmacspottery.com – (406) 996-1279                                                                  




The Cloak Drummer Co. – Period clothes, hats, leather, misc. small period items – Beverly Flitcroft – cloakdrummer@yahoo.com


Serenity’s Moon & Bella Luna – ldybassplayer@yahoo.com – Renaissance Clothing


Desiree Soap Company & Owlery Wand Shoppe – Native MT. Soaps, Period Soaps, Hand Carved Magic Wands – Forrest LaBelle – desireesoapcompany@gmail.co


Lilla Rose – Celtic Style Hair Clips – Dana Ticknor – TICKNORTRIBE@msn.com


Sticks & Stones -Theo Kellison & Alexis Tedder – lexitedder@gmail.com

Theo Kellison


In the Children’s Area – Party Ponies! – Get you picture taken with a Unicorn! – UnicornPartyPonies@outlook.comTerra Ott



Keep posted for further additions.